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5 sites to help you boost procurement game and stay up-to-date

We are busy people. The nature of procurement means juggling many suppliers and internal demands on a daily basis. It can be hard to find time for continuing professional development (CPD) and skill maintenance which will help to boost procurement game. But CPD and skill enhancement do not always have to involve expensive online courses or time away from the office.

Blogs, websites and social networking groups are fantastic resources for procurement professionals wanting to sharpen their skills and grow their careers. Keeping up with industry news, best practice case studies and opinion from industry leaders can freshen your outlook, improve idea generation and creative problem solving and help you become a better advocate for procurement teams in your organisation.

With that in mind, we put together a list of our 5 favourite sources for procurement news and best practice. Well worth a bookmark or RSS alert.

  1. Founded by a former CPO and a former management consultant, Spendmatters is dedicated “to everyone who wants to gain insight into Spend Management- procurement, supply chain management, purchase to pay and related issues.”

The blog covers professional issues, the latest news and hot topics such as supplier relationship management (SRM) and other industry insights. Browsing is made easier as content is segmented by country, sector and industry so you can concentrate on topics most relevant to your business.

  1. Procurement Professionals defines itself as a networking community that “sources and shares business information, promotes events, provides HR & Career networking opportunities and connects recruiters across the procurement world.”

With a highly active Linkedin networking group (over 300,000 members), their main website offers a fantastic selection of guest blogs written by industry leaders and commentators. Topics range from shoring up supply chains during the Greek financial crisis to logistic networks in the digital age. A series of free webinars are also available through the site – you are simply asked to enter your name and email address.

  1. Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS): Based in London but with international reach, CIPS is a professional membership body promotes best practice and provides services to members in procurement and supply professions with a particular focus on the public sector.

The CIPS website is one of the most detailed sites dedicated to procurement research and issues. You don’t have to be a member to browse the articles, reports and discussion topics that are segmented by commodity or category. Subjects range from improving efficiency to best practice in contract management.

  1. Although technically a part of the CIPS (Supply Management is their publication) we have given this website its very own entry due to its impressive selection of news, views and analysis for those in the procurement profession.

The site provides exclusive content and an archive of magazine articles dating back over 15 years (if long-term trends are your thing). Guest blogs from industry leaders are a particular highlight. The site also features a jobs page with listings for the latest UK and international positions.

  1. Institute of Supply Management (ISM): The American cousin of CIPS, the ISM is one of the largest supply management associations in the world with a stronger private sector focus than CIPS. The site offers a range of cutting-edge academic research into procurement and supply management that can be accessed without a membership. It is also possible to view selected reports from the CAPS Research Forum, a leading non-profit supply chain research organisation.

Like CIPS, ISM has its own members’ magazine called Inside Supply Management featuring news articles on skill development, career progression, global trends and much more.

Do you have a favourite source for procurement and supply chain news? We’d love to know – leave a comment below.