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Carl Ras – A customer case

Carl Ras is a Danish family owned wholesale business, which is one of the largest suppliers of tools and fittings for professionals, institutions and industry in Denmark. Carl Ras has 16 wholesale centers, and now comprises more than 350 dedicated employees.

Carl Ras wants to be the craftsmen preferred supplier. This requires their suppliers to deliver the right quantity at the right time every day.


  • The requirement for a company-wide view of supplier service and delivery performance.
  • Optimize processes in goods receipt when handling supplier non-conformance issues.
  • Quantify the impact and cost of failure and seek recovery where necessary.
  • Build a supplier cockpit enabling performance tracking.


  • The LeanLinking Non-Conformance Report (NCR), Review and KPI modules were included, providing Logistics with a common approach for capturing supplier delivery issues.
  • The NCRs are made visible to all relevant stakeholders – including Procurement, Logistics and suppliers – in real-time over the online platform, as is the coordination and feedback of corrective actions.
  • The suppliers’ handling of the NCRs is rated and time tracked, which allows for supplier performance bench marking.


  • LeanLinking trained and supported Carl Ras super users.
  • Carl Ras super users trained normal users.
  • 1400+ suppliers registered on the solution.
  • After 3 months the solution is fully integrated into daily business operations across more than +30 Carl Ras users in Logistics and Procurement.
  • Procurement now has a significantly better understanding of supplier delivery quality that can be shared with suppliers.


  • 250+ non-conformance reports handled and shared with suppliers over the solution every month.
  • Good receipt and logistics has reduced time to register a goods receipt failure by 50% due to easier automated handling via LeanLinking.
  • Response time and closure of non-conformance reports have reduced from an average of 3 days to 1 day.
  • Significantly fewer wrong products delivered after implementing LeanLinking.
  • Procurement use non-conformance reporting in supplier review meetings. Issues earlier unknown to Procurement.
  • Faster responsiveness and implementation from suppliers when implementing new standards – e.g. new bar code standards.

This message is approved by Dennis Larsen, Team Lead Goods Reception at Carl Ras

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