Great solutions for procurement excellence, refreshingly easy!

LeanLinking offers a great range of easy to use tools that are integrated and built for procurement professionals.

Procurement excellence and supplier management has never been easier.


With LeanLinking Survey you can easily reach out to your internal stakeholders (your colleagues or customers) and get instant feedback on your suppliers’ performance and service towards them. In a few clicks it’s all done.

LeanLinking Survey enables you to make online surveys to your internal stakeholders on your supplier’s performance and service. After your stakeholders have given their quick feedback an automatic supplier report on their feedback is generated on the LeanLinking platform available for the next review meetings with suppliers.

This enables you to clearly identify the areas of improvement for each supplier and hereby improve supplier performance and service towards stakeholders.


With LeanLinking Contracts & Compliance you can easily build your own contract management space(s) where you can store and score your contracts. You can also create alerts for renegotiations/tendering and measure the risks associated with each contract. You can score each contract against criteria defined by you. This way you get a clear picture of which contracts are compliant and which are not.

This enables you to have one repository for all types of contract, to have a complete overview of what needs to be renewed (or not) and finally you get a ‘compliance score’ on each contract that highlights any potential risks. Contract management has never been easier.


Do you spend hours in supplier meetings agreeing actions with suppliers? Maybe you also spend hours writing meeting minutes after the meeting about agreed actions and send these meeting minutes to suppliers. Just to realise half a year later at the next review meeting with the same supplier that you completely forgot to follow-up on agreed actions and nothing has happened – because you were too busy with other tasks.

Stop wasting time writing meeting minutes. Instead create tasks and projects on LeanLinking Projects and assign actions with due dates to specific suppliers, who also has access to the projects on the LeanLinking platform. This way you can manage thousands of actions and projects across all your suppliers – and LeanLinking even follows-up on due deadlines by notifying the responsible suppliers. Project management and follow-up on supplier actions has never been easier.


Stay ahead with LeanLinking Non-conformance Reports that is a ticketing system that enables you to keep track of all the supplier issues, claims and non-conformance cases you may have.

The tool pushes reports to the relevant supplier, who can then communicate with you in real-time on the case on the platform when solving the problem, saving you lots of frustrating emails.

You also help the supplier improve their quality and service as you highlight the specific issues as they arise and not at a review meeting months after the problems started. This avoids problems repeating as root causes are identified and solved promptly.


The LeanLinking Key Performance Indicators module enables you to track your suppliers’ development on all the hard data you may have in your ERP, BI or maybe Excel systems. This could be your supplier’s delivery, quality or price performance, or other hard data you may have available in your systems. The point is that LeanLinking can consolidate all this data so you see them all on one page against the targets you have set for each KPI for each supplier.

You can also share this hard data with your suppliers in a secure online environment so each supplier has easy access to the data you decide to be open to the supplier.

In other word, we enable you to see all the relevant hard data on a supplier, while at the same time you can share this data with each supplier in an automated process with no emails and no excel. It has never been easier to share your data with your many suppliers. We call it automated supplier performance management.


LeanLinking gives you a dashboard where you have the complete picture on all your suppliers’ performance, service levels, issues, non-conformance cases, risks, projects and documentation. LeanLinking combines and integrates both the hard and soft data on your suppliers, so you – in just one click – get a holistic 360 picture of each supplier. No need to collect data from multiple sources and no need to call all your stakeholders before a supplier meeting to get updated. With LeanLinking you have it all in one. Supplier management has never been easier.