Indirect procurement – redigeret


Connect with your stakeholders.

Measure feedback from internal stakeholders

Indirect costs are driven by many internal stakeholders, and indirect costs affect the entire company. Procurement must work with all stakeholders in question, and LeanLinking allows prompt access to feedback from stakeholders across the organisation on their requirements and experience with delivered supplier services – or lack thereof.

Unlike direct expenditures, indirect costs may require significantly more and varied suppliers. Building strong relationships and managing a larger number of suppliers is inherently challenging. With LeanLinking you will have a powerful platform that integrates the relationships with each supplier so the procurement team is always aware of the actual status of each supplier.

Ordinarily, indirect goods and services are not subject to incoming inspection, making quality measurement difficult. However, with LeanLinking you have a solution where you can seamlessly survey delivered supplier performance across the organisation.  It only takes a few clicks.