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Redefine your approach to procurement and supplier management with a mix of technology and outsourced services


Redefine your procurement strategy and outsource selected procurement services to LeanLinking so you can focus on the core procurement challenges you are facing, while at the same time lowering your cost base and become supply side compliant.

procurement services

LeanLinking offers comprehensive approaches to actively manage your suppliers


  • The platform gathers all supplier data in one spot and allows to analyze performance, quality, risk and compliance to effectively manage supplier relationship by a super user


  • Automation and management of time-consuming tasks relevant to maintain your relationship with the supplier and keep performance on the highest level


  • Supplier management consultation and advisory based on personal experience of our procurement professionals

procurement services

The cooperation with LeanLinking is characterised by a ‘can do’ attitude that is so critical to success.

Why choose LeanLinking as your procurement outsourcing partner?


  • We are experts in the procurement and supplier management field, and our approach is more agile and lean than your team due to our system setup and knowledge


  • We will achieve your objectives for supplier compliance, performance and risk management faster than your team can


  • You will reduce fixed costs and have cost flexibility


  • Good reviews and customers’ recommendation

How LeanLinking deliver value?

LeanLinking collects and maintains supplier master data like contact person data, supplier segmentation categories, supplier approvals/closures, banking data and more.

Value for you:

  • Saved time in Procurement & Finance
procurement services

LeanLinking manages the entire process in collecting needed documentation on suppliers.

This could include supplier quality certificates, supplier declarations, technical product sheets, self-assessment audits and more.

When documentation expires, LeanLinking ensures new documentation is collected.

Value for you:

  • Saved time in Procurement & Quality
  • Higher supplier compliance
  • Always be supply-side ‘audit-ready’

LeanLinking risk assesses all suppliers and identifies high-risk suppliers that will be taken through a thorough risk mitigation process to ensure risks are minimised.

Value for you:

  • Minimise supplier risks to avoid unforeseen consequences.

LeanLinking will collect, track and share supplier delivery, quality and service performance data and make key KPIs easily available for the business and suppliers.

It ensures that the right KPIs are monitored so that supplier performance can continuously be improved.

Value for you:

  • Reduce staff in Goods Receipt with 20-30%.
  • Reduce total supplier spend with 0,2-1,0% of your total spend.
  • Improve supplier delivery performance significantly.

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