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SRM Academy

From supplier cost savings to value creation

Do you want to develop your skills within SRM?

Do you want to take the next steps in SRM but don’t know how?

  Then you came to the right place.

Who is the SRM Academy relevant for?

The SRM Academy is relevant for:

Procurement leaders and professionals

Supply Chain Leaders

Operations and Quality Leaders

in medium to enterprise size food & beverage, manufacturing, wholesale and retails companies as well as service companies.


What does it include?

The SRM Academy is organised around a number of online classes including reading material that will be introduced to you in your e-mail inbox.

You will receive an e-mail every week for the six weeks after you sign up with a new online class. The six classes included are:

Class 1: What is SRM & Supplier Management?

Class 2: How to build a great SRM program?

Class 3: How to assess your own organisation’s SRM maturity?

Class 4: How to build your own SRM business case?

Class 5: Ways to real cost savings with supplier management?

Class 6: How to apply what you have learned?


It’s 100% free!


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