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What's in it for you?

Get instant customer feedback and stay ahead

With LeanLinking you will always be one step ahead and know your current service levels to your customer because you get instant feedback. You will be able to solve current, on going and ad hoc problems swiftly so why not avoid the (angry) phone call from your customer’s Procurement Manager that clearly are  demanding immediate fire fighting on a problem that actually started weeks ago – which in this case  you were  totally  unaware of.

Understand your customer’s view on you

With LeanLinking you will always know your customer’s view on you as a supplier and you will know where to specifically invest and focus to improve overall customer satisfaction. Being a Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager or Customer Support Manager can be challenging to have an in-depth understanding and insights into all relations and processes between your customer and your organization. LeanLinking gives you this visibility.

Give your feedback on customers

With LeanLinking you can evaluate the cooperation with your customer and give the customer a clear picture on how you see your cooperation – and where it could be improved. Its very easy and fast to do and it ensures that your customers also understands your perspective on the cooperation.

Become an even better supplier

With LeanLinking your customer gives you instant feedback that helps you stay ahead of the game, solve issues faster, invest time and resources in the right areas and in general be a better supplier.

All data securely stored in a closed environment

All data on LeanLinking is securely stored and not visible to the public. The data is only shared between your internal team and your customer in a closed and secure environment.

Did we mention it’s free and easy?

LeanLinking has your back. We will not charge you a penny for interacting with your customers that invited you to join on LeanLinking.  LeanLinking is extremely easy to use as the solution was built as a social media platform and not an old-school clunky dinosaur tool.

We look forward to welcome you on our platform and help you improve your business. That’s why we are here.

“Everybody is impressed with the LeanLinking usability”Christian Pedersen Grohe
– Christian Pedersen from Grohe, a supplier on LeanLinking.