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ITG – A customer case

The Inspired Thinking Group (ITG) is a ‘below the line’ technology-led marketing services business in UK and US that improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its clients’ marketing departments. Supplier deliveries and speed of problem solving is an important part of ITG’s customer service across +40 client teams.


  • The requirement for a company-wide view of supplier service and delivery performance, to all client teams across the organization.
  • Ensure senior supplier management has visibility of reported issues and input into remedial activities.
  • Quantify the impact and cost of failure and seek recovery where necessary.
  • Promote high performing suppliers amongst client teams.


  • The LeanLinking Non-Conformance Report (NCR) & Review modules were included, providing the client teams with a common approach for capturing supplier feedback and delivery issues.
  • The NCRs are made visible to suppliers in real-time over the online platform, as is the coordination and feedback of corrective actions.
  • When closing an NCR, the suppliers’ handling of the NCR is rated and allows for supplier benchmarking.
  • Supplier performance data extracted from LeanLinking and imported to ITG’s SRM scorecard dashboard.


  • LeanLinking trained and supported ITG’s super users.
  • ITG super users trained ITG users via online training sessions.
  • ITG on-boarded first 30 suppliers within first 14 days via online sessions, use of user guides manuals and online videos.
  • After 4 months the solution is fully integrated into daily business operations across more than +30 ITG client teams, +100 suppliers and +200 users on the supplier side.
  • Continuous improvement projects have been initiated with selected ‘focus suppliers’ identified via LeanLinking to improve supplier performance.


  • After 4 months a significant improvement in supplier attitude, responsiveness and performance, all of which help support ITG’s focus on Customer Service.
  • After 4 months 92% of spend on-boarded on LeanLinking.
  • Investment in Lean Linking recovered within 2 months
  • Supplier ratings enable promotion of high performing suppliers and targeted focus for poor performers.

This message is approved by Jeremy Jones at SRM Manager at ITG.