6 signs showing you need SRM

Numbers and spreadsheets are not enough: Six crucial signs you need an SRM agenda now!

Currently you may get along well enough using tools such as Excel, online surveys, contract management tools and data warehousing to manage the procurement function. As businesses and procurement evolve and become more complex, so does your relationships with your suppliers. Read more

5 sites to help you boost procurement game and stay up-to-date

We are busy people. The nature of procurement means juggling many suppliers and internal demands on a daily basis. It can be hard to find time for continuing professional development (CPD) and skill maintenance which will help to boost procurement game. But CPD and skill enhancement do not always have to involve expensive online courses or time away from the office.

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Creating value beyond cost savings

How did you get your start in procurement?  

Lars: It was actually a complete coincidence. I studied Supply Chain Management in business school but my first job was in a research company carrying out customer satisfaction surveys. I quickly discovered that my interest lay elsewhere and found a job as a procurement analyst at Wolseley, the world’s largest distributor of plumbing articles. Read more