Why use LeanLinking and how can you benefit from supplier relationship management (SRM)?

Procurement professionals and supply chain executives find themselves in an increasingly complex world where expectations can be overwhelming. From negotiating the best supplier deals to identifying and nurturing partners for product innovation, procurement teams are increasingly becoming relationship managers, working with dispersed internal and external stakeholders.

LeanLinking was founded to help businesses manage these complex relationships and to give businesses new insight into supplier performance. LeanLinking is the only cloud-based Supplier Relationship Management tool (SRM) on the market that gathers stakeholder feedback and system data to generate a more complete picture of supplier performance. Our simple solutions enable businesses around the world to solve complex problems:

• A focus on internal stakeholders outside of the procurement department.

• Using the principals of social media to share data and feedback with internal and external stakeholders alike.

• The solution is easily implemented and rolled out as it involves minimal training and setup procedures.

• As a cloud-based solution, it is easy to access and update from any location.

The time to value – gain value in weeks, not months or years

We help you to a successful start. In only a matter of days, you can gain new insight into your suppliers’ performance from across your organisation via our survey module. In a matter of weeks, you can start making real improvements, and you are fully prepared to give each of your suppliers  360º feedback, setting new objectives and standards on your journey towards building a world-class procurement function.

LeanLinking brings accountability and partnership to performance improvements by defining clear success criteria that align with your company KPIs, tracking progress and actively managing toward those goals. Value creation starts faster with LeanLinking. It is all about time to value.

LeanLinking can be implemented using very limited time and resources so contact us now and begin value creation today.

Problems can be complex. Solutions cannot – the usability of the platform

Our platform is the first social SRM solution of its kind. Our number one differentiator is the social usability of the solution that enables smooth, efficient and real-time collaboration across the value chain.

“Everybody is impressed with the LeanLinking usability”
– Christian Pedersen, LeanLinking user from Grohe

Platform is designed and created by experienced procurement professionals who understand the needs of procurement. At LeanLinking, we begin with the user in everything we do. Whether it is a Category Manager, CPO, Assistant or a supplier – the user is where everything begins. All the benefits of LeanLinking (or any software) are contingent on people using the system – willingly, correctly and happily.

Usability is not just an attractive interface. Usability requires being intuitive, consistent, simple and powerful. Adding value, not frustration. Respecting user feedback and prioritising user-based design.

We do not create “complex” solutions. We have spent more than 40.000 hours creating very usable solutions that solve very complex problems and generate great value for the business in question.

LeanLinking believes the path to adoption is to delight users, not coerce them.

The power of one – seamless integration and one user-interface

Once users have encountered LeanLinking for the first time, they will recognize it everywhere. The reason for this is that LeanLinking risk management looks and works the same as LeanLinking performance management, which looks and works the same as … well, you get the idea.

You can easily integrate LeanLinking into your other current systems like ERPs or data warehouse. This way you only need to look at supplier data in one place – your LeanLinking platform.

With us, nothing has been bolted on, wedged in or slapped together. Every module is pre-integrated for seamless data sharing and cross-platform visibility. Learn once, use everywhere. LeanLinking has a consistent interface across the entire platform.

It is the power of one.

The Cloud – because not all ‘cloud solutions’ are born cloud.

LeanLinking was born and bred in the cloud. It’s all we know. It’s all we do. LeanLinking didn’t move to the cloud and we don’t provide “cloud-based options

This means that you can deploy and configure LeanLinking with significantly fewer IT resources – if any at all. It also means that you can access LeanLinking from anywhere at any time. And it means you can benefit from the “collective”, through shared innovation, aggregated performance structures and the combined knowledge power of all LeanLinking’s customers.

The cloud provides security, scalability and flexibility with world-class performance and reliability.

Because it is a cloud-based solution, the system can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

It is easy, cost-effective and your company can start realising value within weeks.

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