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How can you benefit from supplier relationship management (SRM)?

Some of the benefits of the social SRM solution by LeanLinking

Procurement professionals and supply chain executives find themselves in an increasingly complex world where expectations can be overwhelming. From negotiating the best supplier deals to identifying and nurturing partners for product innovation, procurement teams are increasingly becoming relationship managers, working with dispersed internal and external stakeholders.

LeanLinking was founded to help businesses manage these complex relationships and to give businesses new insight into supplier performance. LeanLinking is the only cloud based Supplier Relationship Management tool (SRM) on the market that gathers stakeholder feedback and system data to generate a more complete picture of supplier performance. Our simple solutions enable businesses around the world to solve complex problems:

• A focus on internal stakeholders outside of the procurement department.

• Using the principals of social media to share data and feedback with internal and external stakeholders alike.

• The solution is easily implemented and rolled out as it involves minimal training and setup procedures.

• As a cloud based solution it is easy to access and update from any location.