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The Cloud

Because not all 'cloud solutions' are born cloud.

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LeanLinking was born and bred in the cloud. It’s all we know. It’s all we do. LeanLinking didn’t move to the cloud and we don’t provide “cloud-based options

This means that you can deploy and configure LeanLinking with significantly fewer IT resources – if any at all. It also means that you can access LeanLinking from anywhere at anytime. And it means you can benefit from the “collective”, through shared innovation, aggregated performance structures and the combined knowledge power of all LeanLinking’s customers.

The LeanLinking cloud provides security, scalability and flexibility with world-class performance and reliability.

Because it is a cloud-based solution, the system can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

It is easy, cost-effective and your company can start realising value within weeks.

Read more about safety and usability here.