The Story

LeanLinking was started because co-founder Lars Kuch Pedersen – and at that time Procurement Director at Wolseley, the world’s largest plumbing distributor – was frustrated about the very limited access procurement had to basic data about the relationship with each supplier and how the suppliers performed.

“We did not know how each supplier performed. We struggled and spent too much time on generating some kind of picture”

– Lars Kuch Pedersen, founder of LeanLinking


Faced with this challenge Lars searched for tools that could help, and he contacted different solution providers to enquire about their solutions and costs. But they really did not understand the challenge and could not provide the kind of tactical tool that Lars and his teams needed to manage supplier relationships effectively.

Lars came up with the idea of making a new type of supplier relationship management tool and quickly joined forces with investors. That was when LeanLinking became a reality.

Todays LeanLinking represents a team of great procurement executives, programmers and business developers based in Aarhus, Denmark.


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