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The Usability

Problems can be complex. Solutions cannot.

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LeanLinking is the first social SRM solution of its kind. Our number one differentiator is the social usability of the solution that enables smooth, efficient and real-time collaboration across the value chain.

“Everybody is impressed with the LeanLinking usability”Christian Pedersen Grohe
– Christian Pedersen, LeanLinking user from Grohe

LeanLinking is designed and created by experienced procurement professionals who understand the needs of procurement. At LeanLinking, we begin with the user in everything we do. Whether it is a Category Manager, CPO, Assistant or a supplier – the user is where everything begins. All the benefits of LeanLinking (or any software) are contingent on people using the system – willingly, correctly and happily.

Usability is not just an attractive interface. Usability requires being intuitive, consistent, simple and powerful. Adding value, not frustration. Respecting user feedback and prioritising user-based design.

We do not create “complex” solutions. We have spent more than 40.000 hours creating very usable solutions that solve very complex problems and generate great value for the business in question.

LeanLinking believes the path to adoption is to delight users, not coerce them.

“LeanLinking is extremely user-friendly. After a one hour training session and two days’ usage everybody was comfortable using LeanLinking” Heidi - redigeret
– Heidi Berthelsen, Supply Chain Director, Wavin

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